July 3, 2016
2 years and 17 days since
our celebration.
   WOW!! Another Successifully Family Reunion has pasted from that success we have decided to create a Face Book page.  The page is- Davis family reunion.  The thought is that since a large majority of our family member are already on facebook  I felt this would be way of keeping our young family members connected with their family and keep them in the loop with whats happening inside the Davis Family.

Currently we are working on several things that I believe will make our 80th Family Reunion " The Best Ever". 

Special notes: We have secured a venue for our breakfast- the Woodbine Hotel in Downtown Madisonville is one of the oldest hotels in Madisonville.  Please visit the website for a closer look at the hotel. 

In addition we had also reserved rooms in several of the hotels in Madisonville- more information on the hotels to follow. 

If any family members have any suggestions please feel free contact Bobby.  My email address-larry.stewart@chamberlainlaw.com or call me @ 832-420-1018. 

Bobby-Lee Esther Davis Cotton Grandson
John Davis & Anne McCloud Great Great Grandson
What was Lee Esther Davis-First Husband Name?

Jimmy Lee
Robert Earl
Are you Attending the 2017-Breakfast @Woodbine Hotel Madisonville Texas?

Yes please email Bobby@ the above email address
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